Referee Directors Message - Spring 2016

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Frank Bagnardi & Levon Akoghlanian (goes to both)

Hello Referees,


Welcome to a new season!  I hope everyone got some rest in and is ready to roll into the BAYS 2016 Spring session.

There have been several new developments since last season which I will detail here.  Please be sure you attend your towns referee meeting as most of the assignors are up to date and can guide you through the changes.

New this Season.


  • BAYS in its continued efforts to support referees and provide you the tools to help you in your games have implemented a Zero Tolerance Green Card.  The ZT Green Card is an optional tool that you can have in your belt to help deal with dissent from coaches/team officials and spectators who are behaving irresponsibly.  Please see your town assignor/director for details.
  • No heading rule for U12 and younger age groups.  BAYS , in conjunction with Mass Youth Soccer has adopted the no heading rule.  Please be aware that a player who deliberately heads or attempts to head the ball during active play shall be subjected to an indirect free kick foul infraction being awarded to the opposing team.  If the head ball infraction occurs within the team’s defensive goal area, the ball should be moved to the goal area line, parallel to the goal line closest to where the infraction occurred.  Some additional points to be aware of include the advantage law being in effect and Denying Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunity provisions should NOT be applied.


If you are unsure on how to apply either of the above, again please discuss further with your assignor/director.

As always, please make sure you are reviewing the different rules for small sided 6v6 and 8v8 soccer.  There is an excellent chart on the BAYS website homepage that spells out many of the different rules and circumstances you need to be aware of.

As we do every spring season, we will be seeking input from your assignors for recommendations for participation in BAYS Playoffs, Presidents Cup and MTOC competitions.  These are highly coveted appointments and hopefully everyone will be working towards the goal of being selected.  If you do have interest, please be sure you let your assignors know, so they can evaluate your matches and ability accordingly.

Please be sure your game reports are completed as soon as possible after the completion of your match.  These reports are very important to BAYS administrative staff and your accurate completion is required. Remember, your game responsibilities do not end with the final whistle.  These required reports are part of your duties as a referee.

Keep in mind first impressions go a long way with coaches, players and spectators alike.  The game uniform should be worn professionally and completely.  This includes the correct shorts and socks!

As always, continue to do the great job that you do.  If you have any questions, please first run them by your Assignor.  If you are not getting the answer that you are comfortable with, don’t hesitate to escalate that to either Levon or myself.

Have a great season!



Frank Bagnardi

BAYS Co-Referee Director