Law 5 - Referees/Refereeing Systems/Ejections/Game Report

All referees shall be USSF certified, and should be older than the age group playing the game. Referees are assigned by the local referee assignor. The referee is responsible for control of the game. The referee's decisions are final and his/her judgments are not protestable.

Two different officiating systems will operate for BAYS games, as follows:

For U-19 through U-14 games the local referee assignor will assign one referee and two assistant referees; for spring season playoff and tournament games, the playoff committee will assign three-official crews.

In all other regular-season games, both spring and fall, the local referee assignor will assign one referee, and each team will provide a volunteer club linesman (see Law 6, below).

The BAYS on-line referee reporting system shall be used for all games. The referee shall report the score; any cautions or ejections; and any other pertinent information. The referee should also fill out a USSF referee report when any serious unusual incident occurs, including when any player is seriously injured.

In games requiring passcards, the referee must keep the passcard(s) for the person(s) ejected, and must send the passcards to the BAYS ejection secretary.

Whenever a BAYS game is begun but not completed for any reason, the referee does not have the authority to determine the result of the game. Instead, the referee must include in his/her report the circumstances which caused the game to be stopped (abandoned, terminated, or suspended), including the score at that time and the amount of playing time not completed. Except in the case of excess red cards awarded to both teams, which must be referred to the sportsmanship review committee (see Law 12 below), the division director will make a determination as to the outcome of the game – the choices available are:

• The results will stand as final

• The game will be completely replayed during the normal make up time window

• Double Forfeit

• Single Forfeit

• No Game (the game will not be made up nor scored nor forfeited).

If a scheduled referee does not arrive by 15 minutes past the stated game start time, he/she is not entitled to any fee, unless the acting referee, already selected and agreed upon by both coaches, relinquishes his/her whistle. The referee assignor must be notified by the home coach if a referee is either a no-show or tardy, so that corrective attention can be taken.

Note: Some towns have ongoing referee training programs and at times, non-tournament U-11 through U-14 games could be officiated using a referee and two assistant referees.