21. Special Rules for BAYS 9v9 Matches

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In addition to (or in modification of) the regular playing rules of soccer, the following special rules for BAYS 9v9 boys’ and girls’ divisions shall apply:


  1. Roster


    1. The roster size limit for BAYS 9v9 teams eligible to play at MTOC will be identical to that established for MTOC play: 16 players.  This limit is for both Spring and Fall season play.

    3. For non-MTOC eligible teams: there is no limit on the number of players allowed on a 9v9 team. BAYS, however, strongly encourages limiting rosters to 14 to 16 players so that a reasonable amount of playing time will be available for each player.

  3. Rules Modifications from 11 v 11


    1. Instead of the regulation 11 players on the field, there shall be nine players including the goalkeeper. A minimum of seven players must be present to start a game, and a minimum of six qualified players must be available to continue a game.

    3. Goal kicks shall be taken from within six yards of the goal line.

    5. Indirect kicks awarded to the attacking team within the penalty area will be placed at the spot of the infraction, but no closer than six yards from the goal / goal line.

    7. Penalty kicks will be taken from a point ten yards directly in front of the midpoint of the goal.

    9. Note: Although not a modification, the OFFSIDE rule will be in effect.

  5. Field Dimensions

    The ideal field size for 9v9 is 70 x 50 yards, with a 14 X 34 yard penalty area. These are not rigid requirements.

    Clearly visible dots or dotted lines may be used to mark the penalty areas to avoid excessive lining and confusion on regulation fields.

    Intermediate goals of 6 ft x 18 ft are recommended, but again this is not a rigid requirement. The goals must be anchored securely to the ground.