Significant Rules Changes Since the Fall 2014 Rulebook was printed

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  • A maximum of three team officials, each with their valid BAYS passcard in their possession  may be on the team sideline at any game (Law 1) (Ratified at March 2015 GM)
  • •  BAYS Adopts New Age Group Definitions.  Div 3 and 4 in U-9 through U-14 also include the grade appropriate aged players not more than one year older than the age group (eg a U-13 aged player in the sixth grade may play div 3 or 4 U-12 or 6th grade but a U-14 aged sixth grader may not).  (Bylaw 5) (Ratified at March 2015 GM)
  • •  Deleting age waiver 5B (div 3 or 4 grade appropriate U-9 through U-14) and 5E (Third Grade U-8) as these are now covered under the new age groups (Bylaw 5) (Ratified at March 2015 GM)
  • •  Corrected Bylaw 6 to allow overage players to stay on a team that is swapped into a division where overage players are not allowed (Bylaw 6) (Ratified at March 2015 GM)
  • • Revised U-8 Policy to eliminate need for waiver to play and indicate the roster must show the player is in the third grade. (U-8 Policy) (Ratified March 2015 GM)
  • •  Removed restriction that Passcards must be USYSA and replace with BAYS or USYSA Passcards.  This removes the requirement for USYSA special stock for passcards (technically Member Pass) (Law 8D, Bylaw 6) (Ratified at March 2015 GM)