Younger Player (U-8 through U-10) Policies Updated

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The rulebook has been updated to show the U-10 play up policy (identical to MYSA Policy 2.10 with the addition of how to satisfy the League Notification policy) and the U-8 play policy which is more restrictive than the MYSA Policy 2.11.  Bylaw 5E was adopted.  It is shown below - it includes grandfathering or existing players which is now moot as all the players eligible under the grandfathering have aged into the appropriate age groups.

5. E. U8 and younger players are not permitted on BAYS teams. An automatic age waiver may be granted for a U8 player in the third grade or higher to play in U9 (or U10 if the club does not offer U9) only. Any player who played in the 2011/2012 Season at U-10 or U-9 as a U-8 or below player will be allowed to play in the 2012/2013 soccer year.