Registrar's Information January 2013

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1.  MTOC Roster Freeze Date – As announced last Fall – the 2013 BAYS MTOC Roster Freeze Date is Wednesday May 29, 2013  This is the last date a roster will be accepted for processing by the BAYS Registrar.


2.  Roster stamping – reminder that all MTOC eligible teams require a roster stamp by a League Registrar.  MTOC sections are U-12, U-14, U-16 division 1 and 2 and U-18 or U-19 division 1 only.   Earliest date rosters will begin being processed, either electronically or in hard copy is the day after the sections are posted on the website.  Assistant Registrars made stamp initial rosters from through Wednesday May 1.  Please note the assistant registrar will retain one copy of the stamped roster and the roster must be signed by an authorized club official.  See the web site for electronic roster requirements (no changes this year) and the League registrar will process rosters from through the freeze date of May 29.  All changed rosters need to go through the League Registrar.


3.  Special MTOC 2013 Only Rule.  Due to the Leagues Committee pushing MTOC back for potential school conflicts, the Competition Committee has votes to allow adding players from other teams to MTOC only rosters.  The final version of the rule has not been completed.  Once it is it will be posted.  We are waiting for a ruling from the Leagues Committee.  This year it will be more important than in previous years to poll your MTOC eligible team early to see which players are available for MTOC (June 28-30).  This year and only this tear under the current proposal, you will have the opportunity to bring players up from a lower team.  Stay tuned.


4.  Waivers.  See the Third VP report for more information.  Just a reminder that is the waiver begins with WF2, it has expired.  WA3 should be good for the spring season except in two cases - one where the underlying reason for the waiver has been voided (e.g. a school waiver where the player changed schools over the winter break) and a residency waiver for outside BAYS on an MTOC eligible team.  If you have a player that lives outside of towns serviced by BAYS and you wish to put them on an MTOC roster - be sure you have completed the inter-League Waiver requirements as the Registrar is forced to reject rosters with players on it that need the inter-League Waiver approval and don't have it.  This restriction is only for MTOC eligible team rosters.


5.  MTOC Roster Size and Residency Waiver Restrictions.  Just a reminder that in the spring season, two additional restrictions are placed on your MTOC eligible rosters.  First one is size.  For U-12 MTOC, only 15 players may be rostered; for U-14 MTOC, only 18 may be rostered; for U-16, U-18 and U-19, 22 may be rostered but if more than 18 an MTOC only roster of 18 will need to be created later in the season (by the roster freeze date) - contact the registrar with any questions.  The second restriction is on roster composition.  For U-12 MTOC and U-14 MTOC, 75% or more of the roster must be players from your club (i.e. not needing a residency waiver).  For example for a U-12 with 15 players on the roster - no more than 3 would be able to have residency waivers.  For U-16 MTOC, U-18 MTOC and U-19 MTOC, 75% must be from within BAYS serviced towns (non-inter-League waivered players).  There is an escape hatch for this that ithe rule may be waived prior to the season if permitted by the Leagues Committee.  Contact President Bruce Hamilton if you believe one of your teams needs relief from this as he would be the one to present it to the Leagues Committee.


6.  Dual rostering.  Remember that a player can only play for one MTOC eligible team.  Be careful if the player has a parent living in BAYS and other parent in another league.  No player may play for BAYS and one of the other MTOC eligible leagues in the same season, the player needs to choose which one to play for.  Thiis is for all age groups.  In the case of club teams, a PLAYER, aged U-14 and below may play for both BAYS and a club team with no issues.  Oncve the player gets to U-15 age or older, the may play BAYS or club but not both.  Please ensure your U-16 and U-18 teams are not playing club.  There has been cases where a player has been invited to play for state cup and we have to drop them to allow them to do so.   Please double check.  Note that MYSA spot checks rosters for compliance - not all rosters get checked but lets not put ourselves in that position.


7.  MTOC Roster Move Restrictions.  Just a reminder that for an MTOC roster, if you drop a player from the roster, that player is ineligible to be placed back on that roster during the season.  Under exceptional circumstances, the Competition Committee may waive that restriction.  Just be sure you need to drop a player before doing it.  Hold your tryouts before submitting the roster for the first time.


8.  Passcards.  This year we will continue inspecting passcards for teams going to MTOC.  Please make our job easier by double checking the passcards.  If the picture is questionable or in black and white - replace it.  Make sure the name and date of birth are consistent with reality, the roster and the passcard.  If the lamination is coming loose - relaminate it, if it isn't laminated, laminate it, etc.  It is a lot easier to do the work upfront than have to redo it in the week before MTOC.


Player passcards are required for U-12, U-14 & U-16 division 1 and 2 and all U-18 or U-19 sections.


9.  2012-2013 Coach Passcard stickers are available from me at the meeting or can be mailed.  Remember - only coaches, not player, passcards require the validation sticker.


10.  2013-2014 Coach Passcard Validation Stickers – will be available for pick up at the June BOD meeting, available for mailing to clubs after July 8, 2013, available at any of the pre-season meetings.  If a club wants more stickers than they received last year, sent an email to the registrar (


11. Affiliation –  Please ensure you affiliate your spring players as soon as possible.  First deadline is February 1.  Please try and have a file into the state office as soon as possible.  Let David know if you are having issues.


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