Changes in G14 Section D, H, Q & R, G9 3F

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U9 Girls 3F, formerly a 5 team section with games on some Sundays has now changed to a 6 team section with one team a BYE. We will be replacing the BYE with a team moving after 3 weeks. 

All referees must be rescheduled.

U14 Girls Division 3

Team 76 Walpole dropped from U14 G 3D replaced by 128 Walpole (from 3H).

2343 Newton moved from 3Q to 3H.

Team 141 Natick drops from 3R.

3Q becomes Q1 and 3R becomes Q2.

Referees must be rescheduled for Q1 & Q2 plus they need to be replaced for the dropped & moved teams.