17. Sportsmanship Review

The second vice-president will receive all referrals on sportsmanship issues, other violations of the constitution, bylaws, or rules that arise before, during, or after any BAYS games, and abandoned games requiring disposition. The second vice-president will decide if a particular issue will be reviewed; referrals will also receive a review if requested by five BAYS board members. A quorum to review a particular issue shall consist of any three members of the Sportsmanship Review Committee (SRC). The SRC may request as an advisor a certified USSF referee to be designated by the referees representative. The SRC will inform all parties involved of its decisions.

In addition to penalties specified in the constitution, bylaws, or rules, the SRC may impose such additional penalties as are judged to be appropriate to the severity of the issue, including suspension of participation, determination of forfeits, and decisions to replay games. Decisions and penalties imposed by the SRC will take effect immediately upon notification of the parties involved.

Decisions by the Sportsmanship Review Committee may be appealed only to the BAYS board of directors. Such appeals may be considered at a regular board meeting, or at a special board meeting if called by the president or at the request of five BAYS directors. The president may delay the imposition of penalties until a board meeting has been held to consider the appeal.