BAYS BOD adopts new 6v6 Goal kick rule effective Fall 2013

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Effective this Fall, bylaw 20.B.2 is revised to read:

Goal kicks shall be taken from within six yards of the goal line. The team not in possession shall withdraw to its defensive half of the field and may not enter its offensive half of the field until the ball is kicked and moved. Should the team in possession put the ball in play before the opposing players have taken position in their defensive half, play will continue.

Commentary (revised 3 Sept):

This rule is designed to encourage playing out of the back where the team in possession can put the ball in play without having all the players lining the penalty area in the case of the younger and/or lower leg strength players. All other rules are intact (the ball must exit the area before it can be played, team in possession may be anywhere on the field etc). The goal kick is still a substitution opportunity for either team so the referee should check for the presence of substitutes and allow the substitution to occur if either team wishes. The referee should make sure the non-possession team is beyond half prior to allowing the ball to be put in play after the substitution. If no substitution is requested, the referee should encourage the opposing players to retreat and if requested by the team in possession ensure the non-possession team is in the defensive half before whistling for the restart.


Clarification of the phrase ball is played.  The restriction of being behind half is removed when the player taking the goal kick kicks the ball (played) and is not when the ball exit the penalty area (ball in play).  Should the ball not exit the penalty area, the referee will whistle for the goal kick to be retaken and the team not in possession would again need to retreat to their half of the field.


The player taking the goal kick or team mate may request the referee enforce the rule in which case the referee would revert to a ceremonial kick where the referee ensures the non-possession team is in their own half prior to whistling for the kick to proceed.   If no request is made and the team in possession kicks the ball, play is resumed.  THe only time the kick would be re-taken is when the balls fails to exit the penalty area or other situation that would normally result in the goal kick being re-taken.. 


We anticipate that early in the season, referees will need to make more frequent reminders and should include a reminder of the new rule during the check in of the teams.