MTOC - 2019 Playoff Qualifications

MTOC is an acronym for Massachusetts Tournament of Champions.  It is an end of the season championship for all the town based leagues in Massachusetts of which BAYS is one of the ten.  See below for the time line and detailed information.  The pdf links (when posted) are the specifications, approved by the BAYS Competition Committee as to what teams make the playoffs and how the BAYS representatives are determined.  The Playoff Committee, chaired by the BAYS first VP will determine the specific dates and venues for the playoffs.  Look here for the playoff information as it is determined.

MTOC Playoff Qualification Grid


Leagues Committee established the Dates for MTOC 2019 as Friday June 28, 2019 through Sunday June 30, 2019

April 2019 - Wildcards drawn

  •        BAYS has its guaranteed slots in both Boys and Girls,
  •        Grade 6 Div 1 & Div 2, Grade 8  Div 1 & Div 2, Grade 10 Div 1 & Div 2, Grade 12 Div 1, Grade PG (Post-Graduate) Div 1.  
  •        2019 Wildcards for BAYS are TBD

March 2019 - BAYS Competition Committee places the teams and determines the format of the playoffs for Grade 6 & Grade 8

April 2019 - HS - Grade 10, Grade 12 and PG structure and playoff format established

May 13, 2019 (Monday) - BAYS Roster Freeze Date for all MTOC sections.  

May 2019 - playoff grid including dates established

June 16, 2019 (Sunday) Any ties requiring single game play in game to resolve will be played (Grade 6 & 8).  If multiple (e.g three way or higher) game 1 of the series will be Sunday and subsequent games will be at the discretion of the playoff committee

June 2019 BAYS Playoffs begin the week of June 17.

June 2019 MTOC.  Group phase is Friday June 28 and Saturday June 29.  Semi-Final and Final matches June 30.  All Saturday & Sunday games are at the State Fields at Progin Park in Lancaster MA.  Friday games will be at the state fields in Lancaster and the Stars Complex - also in Lancaster.

2018 BAYS Playoff Qualifying Teams (see PDF for tie breaking rules and further details):

G06 Div 1 - Top 2 teams in each of the two sections - 4 seeds total.  See Notes

G06 Div 2 - Top 2 teams from Section A & B.  Winner from Section C-F  - 8 seeds total.

B06 Div 1 -  Top 2 teams in each of the two sections - 4 seeds total. See Notes

B06 Div 2 - Top 2 teams from Section A & B.  Winner from Section C-F  - 8 seeds total. Wild Card - two teams advance to MTOC

G08 Div 1 - Top 2 teams in each of the two sections - 4 seeds total..

G08 Div 2 - Top 2 teams from Section A.  Winner from Section B-E  - 6 seeds total..

B08 Div 1 - Top 2 teams in the section - 2 seeds total -.

B08 Div 2 - Top 2 teams from Section A  Winner from Section C-E, F1 & F2  - 8 seeds total..Wild Card - two teams advance to MTOC

G10 Div 1 - Top team to MTOC unless failure to achieve .500 reguar season record - 1 team eligible

G10 Div 2 - Top two D2 teams in 1.2A - 2 seeds total.

B10 Div 1 - Top two teams in each section - 4 seeds total. See Notes Wild Card - two teams advance to MTOC

B10 Div 2 - Top team in A1, A2, B & C - 4 seeds total.

G12 & PG - Top 4 seeds overall.

B12 & PG - Top team in A1 & A2 and top 2 D1 teams in 1.2B - 4 seeds total

Click here for Detailed Playoff Qualifications


1.  In Division 1 where there are 2 sections of 4 teams and we take two from each section, if one of the sections only has one qualifying seed and their is a tie for second place in the other section, the playoff committee will not use tiebreakers to eliminate a team but will place the losing tiebreak team as the remaining seed.