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The Lions is a member of Section 118.
This is a U-11, DIV: 2 SEC: D
The team color is yellow/navy

Welcome to the Team page for the "Lions", member of Lexington . Below you will find the Team Schedule.

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Team Schedule

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Game # Scheduled
Game Date
Field Home Team Score Away Team Notes
3030 05/02/16 6:00 pm Merchant field 3 Framingham Legends - Lexington Lions Postponed
3003 05/06/16 4:30 pm Harrington1 Lexington Lions - Belmont B11-2 Cougars Postponed
3006 04/29/16 5:30 pm Teddy Ebersols Red Sox Fields 2 Hill House United - Lexington Lions
3009 04/30/16 1:30 pm Lincoln Fields2 Lexington Lions - Natick BU11 B1
3012 05/07/16 1:00 pm Devoll 8v8 Field Canton United - Lexington Lions
3015 05/14/16 1:30 pm Lincoln Fields2 Lexington Lions - Framingham Legends
3018 05/21/16 1:00 pm Grove St. (4A) Belmont B11-2 Cougars - Lexington Lions
3021 05/28/16 1:30 pm Harrington2 Lexington Lions - Hill House United
3024 06/04/16 1:00 pm Elm Bank Field 2A (8V8) Natick BU11 B1 - Lexington Lions
3027 06/11/16 1:30 pm Lincoln Fields2 Lexington Lions - Canton United


  changed section
  Designates Official BAYS game
Does not count towards standings
  Designates one team is in cross over section.

Coaching Staff

Title Name Phone Email
Coach Kevin McDonnell 617-388-3894 E-mail
Assistant Coach Catherine Gill 781-274-9330 E-mail
Manager Not Available

Organizational Members

Title Name Phone Email
President Thomas Shiple (781) 863-2725 E-mail
Registrar Mary Trometer 781-674-1028 E-mail
Referee Assignments Tim Clackson 7814051043 E-mail
Referee Assignments Nina Johannessen 781-861-4648 E-mail
Referee Assignments Genci Kutrolli (781) 863-1883 E-mail
Referee Assignments Stephanie Mitzenmacher 781-652-0479 E-mail
Field Scheduler Tim Clackson 7814051043 E-mail
Field Scheduler Nina Johannessen 781-861-4648 E-mail
Field Scheduler Stephanie Mitzenmacher 781-652-0479 E-mail
Treasurer Lauren Weiss 7816528581 E-mail
Immediate Past President John Clough (781) 862-6713 E-mail

Where are we playing?

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