LAW 13: Free Kicks/Quick Kicks/Within 10 Yards of Kick

Free kicks are classified into two categories: Indirect and direct. "Direct" means that a goal can be scored directly against the defending team; "Indirect" means that a goal cannot be scored unless the ball has been touched by any player in addition to the kicker before entering the goal.

For all free kicks the defending team must get and remain at least 10 yards from the ball until it is kicked. The exceptions are (1) if the attacking team decides to "quick" kick before the defenders can position themselves; or (2) if there is an indirect free kick given to the attacking team in the penalty area with the ball placed less than 10 yards from the goal line, the defenders may stand on the goal line, between the goal posts.

An indirect free kick infraction by a defender within the goal area will cause the ball to be placed on the six-yard line of the goal area nearest the spot of infraction.

Note: A defensive player who delays the taking of a free kick should be cautioned (yellow carded). Any trickery by the team awarded a free kick to get the ball into the hands of the goalkeeper should be disciplined with a caution (yellow card) for unsporting behavior.