Tournament Information

MTOC MTOC stands for Massachusetts Tournament of Champions, a state-wide tournament held at the end of the spring season for the league champions of Massachusetts. There are 9 town-based leagues in Massachusetts, including BAYS, that send representatives to the tournament, held over three days at the end of June at the Mass. Youth Soccer Association field complex in Lancaster. Currently MTOC competition is held in the following age groups: u18 division 1, u19 division 1, u16 divisions 1 and 2, u14 divisions 1 and 2, and u12 divisions 1 and 2.

The BAYS representatives to MTOC are determined during the BAYS playoffs, held during the week immediately following the end of the spring season under the auspices of the BAYS playoff committee. The winner of each section in each of the MTOC divisions, plus some second place finishers, are seeded into playoff brackets.

PRESIDENTS' CUP The Presidents' Cup is a knock-out style cup competition sponsored by BAYS. It is held during the spring for the following age groups: Grade 5 divisions 2 and 3, Grade 6 division 3, and Grade 8 division 3. Any BAYS team in these divisions may enter. Games are scheduled and played in addition to the regular BAYS season. Further information and application forms are posted on the BAYS website at the start of the spring season.  Typically final matches with awards for the two finalists happen on Playoff Saturday (the Saturday after the regular season ends.)  Note: There is a Presidents' Cup awarded in Grade 5 division 1.  Teams do not sign up for this as placement in this tournament bracket is based on decisions of the Competition Committee as to how Division 1 teams qualify for the bracket slots. 

TOWN TOURNAMENTS Many clubs in BAYS and elsewhere in Massachusetts sponsor two or three day tournaments over Columbus Day weekend, Memorial Day weekend, or on the weekends before and after the BAYS season. A complete list of sanctioned tournaments is published annually on the Mass Youth Soccer Association website Contact the sponsoring club for further information and registration instructions.