Special MTOC 2015 Only U-12 & U-14 Roster Adds

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The following policy has been rescinded by BAYS President Dick Penta on 6/7/2015 after review by the Leagues Committee on 6/3/2015.

One Year MTOC Roster Addition Rules for MTOC 2015



             This year the Leagues Committee scheduled MTOC for June 26-28 so as to not have any potential conflicts with school attendance.  The BAYS Competition Committee is concerned that many teams will have player conflicts with players’ summer time activities – vacation, camps etc.  To alleviate this concern, the Competition Committee again this year voted to allow "MTOC only rosters" for U-12 and U-14 teams for 2015 ONLY.  High School aged teams (U-16 and older) will continue to use their expanded roster option as they have for the last few years.  For U-12 and U-14, you may add players from lower teams to your MTOC only roster to replace any regular players that will not be able to attend MTOC.  Note that all rosters including regular season and MTOC only needs to be certified by the BAYS Registrar before use and the last time a roster may be altered is at the BAYS Roster Freeze Date of Wednesday May 27, 2015.  No changes to any rosters in MTOC sections after that date.  Please ensure you poll your team in sufficient time to meet these dates.   Below are the rules and procedures for taking advantage of adding players to your MTOC only roster.




1.  League rosters are to be used throughout the regular season and the BAYS playoffs.  Should you need to use your MTOC only roster for the playoffs, the club needs to petition the BAYS Competition Committee for permission.  Email must be received by the BAYS 3rd VP by June 1 to request permission.  Be sure to include the detailed reason why the club wishes to use the MTOC only roster for the playoffs.  The Competition Committee may allow or diasallow the request at their discretion by a majority vote. 


2.  Players are added on a one for one basis, they must replace a player and not be a roster add.


3.  Players added to the MTOC only roster must play for your club on a lower team.  They continue to be a member of their original team through the end of the regular season.   If you have multiple teams in a division, the movement is only upward, a player on a 2B team can not be added to replace a player on a 2G team for example but a 2G player could be added to the 2B MTOC only roster.  Lower team can also mean younger age group, e.g. a U-11 player from any division can be pulled up onto a U-12 MTOC Only roster.


4.  Players may only be on one MTOC only roster, if your club has div 1 and div 2 teams and you wish to bring up a player from div 2 to take a spot on the div 1 team, they can not be on the div 2 MTOC only roster, they would have to be one of the deletions on your div 2 team MTOC only roster.


5.  Players added to any MTOC only roster must be age appropriate – no age waivers are allowed at MTOC (i.e.  a division 3 player with an age waiver may not be promoted to the MTOC only roster in the same age group).


6.  MTOC only rosters need to meet the Leagues Committee requirements for residency.  If adding players with residency waivers, please ensure that the roster still meets the 75% rule (75% or more of the players must not have residency waivers).


7.  This is optional.  If no MTOC only roster is filed by the Roster Freeze of May 27, the League (regular season) roster is your MTOC roster.



Submission requirements:


Submit your roster to the BAYS Registrar by the roster freeze date.  Delete any players unable to go to MTOC and add the new players in the appropriate location (alphabetical order).  Game Jersey numbers must be included.  Include in the email submission message that it is an MTOC only roster.  In the body of the message include the changes – each change on a separate line - deleted player name, replacement player name, team that the replacement player played on during the season (age group, division and section).  Note that if a player protests deletion, the player will be re-instated and the replacement player removed – this is for players unable to attend – not for any other reasons.  The BAYS register will return the roster as well as forwarding to the Playoff committee and division director for their use.


Additional Notes:


Every player will require a player passcard for use at MTOC.  This passcard will be inspected with the team during the BAYS Playoffs so ensure the player attends and brings the game jersey to the check in.   The BAYS playoff committee will be conducting the check ins and will notify the coach as to the scheduling of the check ins.