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One of the highlights of the BAYS spring soccer season is the President's Cup Tournament. This tournament is open to teams in the following divisions:

  • U12 & U14 Division 3 (U13 teams will play in the U14 bracket)

  • U11 Divisions 2 & 3

In addition, the tournament includes a one-game playoff between the two section winners in Girls and Boys U11 Division 1. All Championship games are scheduled for June 16. (Time and location TBA)

President's Cup Details:

  • The cup competition is played in addition to the regular season schedule

  • Initial pairings are determined by BAYS, with byes added to each bracket as needed to round out 32-team or 64-team fields.

  • The tournament has a single-elimination format.

  • All games are played to a result, including overtime and kicks from the penalty spot if needed.

  • The home team (designated by BAYS) must provide a choice of three dates/times to the away team, secure a field and arrange for a licensed referee through its town assignor.

  • Each round of games must be completed within the time frame established by BAYS.

  • Coaches must report scores within 24 hours.

  • The entry fee is $25 per team (see payment details below)

  • BAYS will pay the referee

  • Teams may be enrolled by their coach or assistant coach (See application link below).

  • BAYS will award a cup to the coach and a special commemorative to each of the players in the finals.

Tentative Schedule by Round:

The tentative schedule is:

Round 1 - Completed by May 18

Round 2 - Completed by Wednesday, May 30

Quarter-finals - Completed by Wednesday, June 6

Semi-finals - Completed by Wednesday, June 13

Championship - June 16 (Time and place TBA)


Divisions with more than 32 teams will have "play-in games" which must be completed prior to the start of the tournament.

President's Cup Rules:

  • BAYS rules apply except as noted.

  • No special tournament rosters and no "guest" players. Teams use their existing BAYS roster.

  • Each game must be played to a result. If tied at the end of regulation time, two five-minute overtime periods will be played in full. No "golden goal"; no "sudden death". If tied at the end of both overtime periods, the game shall be determined by FIFA-style kicks from the penalty spot. If, in the referee's sole discretion, there is a lack of sufficient daylight or poor weather or field conditions, the referee may direct the teams to proceed directly to penalty kicks at the conclusion of regular time and omit the overtime periods.

  • In the event that two teams from the same BAYS section are scheduled to play each other in the tournament, they must play their President's Cup game in addition to their regular schedule. They may not substitute their regularly scheduled BAYS game for their President's Cup game.

  • Good sportsmanship is assumed. Stronger teams are expected to do everything possible to keep scores reasonable. Scores will be truncated with a maximum posted goal differential of 4 goals. Teams progress in the tournament solely based on wins. Goal differential has no impact.

Entry Fees:

The entry fee is $25 per team. Checks should be made payable to "BAYS" and must be received prior to the start of play. We do not currently have the ability to process credit card payments. Please identify your team and the bracket that it registered for (i.e., GU14 Div. 3, BU11 Div. 2, etc.). Checks should be mailed to:


BAYS Treasurer
PO Box 536
Dover, MA 02030

Be advised, you need to be logged in, and a Coach, to see any teams below

Registration Closed

Team Application & Status

Below you will see all the teams you are currently listed as coaching. If you select the APPLY button, your team will be pre-enrolled in the President's cup. Your application will not be completed until you submit your entry fee.

Team ID Team NameCoach Eligibility Apply
GIRLS/8 1/AA 11 Medfield Warriors Not Eligable
GIRLS/8 2/D 46 Medfield United Not Eligable
GIRLS/8 2/C 51 C-C Breakers Not Eligable
GIRLS/8 4/G 104 Medfield Strikers Not Eligable
GIRLS/8 3/M 223 C-C Renegades Not Eligable
GIRLS/6 2/B 385 C-C Voltage Not Eligable
GIRLS/6 3/C 413 C-C Majestics Not Eligable
GIRLS/5 1/A 522 C-C Spirit Not Eligable
GIRLS/5 2/D 545 C-C Freedom Not Eligable
GIRLS/5 3/D 576 C-C Courage Not Eligable
GIRLS/5 4/C 600 C-C Edge Not Eligable
GIRLS/4 2/A 693 C-C Expos Not Eligable
GIRLS/4 3/D 700 C-C Sounders Not Eligable
GIRLS/4 3/H 726 C-C Pioneers Not Eligable
GIRLS/6 1/AA 733 Medfield Warriors Not Eligable
GIRLS/6 2/E 734 Medfield United Not Eligable
GIRLS/6 3/K 735 Medfield Strikers Not Eligable
BOYS/8 2/A 778 C-C Fusion Not Eligable
BOYS/8 1/A2 782 Medfield Warriors Not Eligable
BOYS/8 3/D 824 Medfield United Not Eligable
BOYS/8 3/C 945 C-C Surge Not Eligable
BOYS/6 2/C 1089 C-C Heat Not Eligable
BOYS/6 3/B 1115 C-C Thunder Not Eligable
BOYS/5 1/A 1227 C-C Fire Not Eligable
BOYS/5 2/B 1248 C-C Fever Not Eligable
BOYS/5 3/E2 1327 C-C Fury Not Eligable
BOYS/4 1/A1 1396 C-C Rangers Not Eligable
BOYS/4 2/C 1407 C-C Royals Not Eligable
BOYS/4 2/G 1435 C-C Monarchs Not Eligable
BOYS/6 2/G 1442 Medfield United Not Eligable
BOYS/6 4/E 1443 Medfield Strikers Not Eligable
BOYS/4 3/K 1472 C-C Phantoms Not Eligable
BOYS/6 2/A 1486 Medfield Warriors Not Eligable
GIRLS/8 3/F 2055 Medfield Fire Not Eligable
BOYS/5 3/D 2064 Medfield United Not Eligable
BOYS/5 2/B 2066 Medfield Warriors Not Eligable
GIRLS/5 3/E 2099 Medfield United Not Eligable
GIRLS/5 1/AA 2100 Medfield Warriors Not Eligable
GIRLS/5 4/E 2103 Medfield Lightning Not Eligable
GIRLS/4 4/E 2378 C-C CyberRays Not Eligable
BOYS/4 3/C 2487 C-C Tornados Not Eligable
BOYS/8 4/G 2886 Medfield Lightning Not Eligable
BOYS/4 2/E 2891 Medfield Thunder Not Eligable
BOYS/4 2/B 2895 Medfield Storm Not Eligable
GIRLS/4 2/B 2984 Medfield Storm Not Eligable
GIRLS/4 2/D 2986 Medfield Thunder Not Eligable
GIRLS/4 4/E 2987 Medfield Strikers Not Eligable
GIRLS/4 4/D 2988 Medfield Lightning Not Eligable
GIRLS/3 2/A 3097 C-C Avalanche Not Eligable
GIRLS/3 2/D 3098 C-C Lightning Not Eligable
GIRLS/3 3/B1 3099 C-C Wildcats Not Eligable
GIRLS/3 3/C 3100 C-C Galaxy Not Eligable
BOYS/3 3/D 3181 C-C Wolves Not Eligable
BOYS/3 3/B2 3186 C-C Typhoon Not Eligable
BOYS/3 2/B 3189 C-C Hawks Not Eligable
BOYS/3 2/D1 3192 C-C Lynx Not Eligable
BOYS/3 2/A2 3195 C-C Lions Not Eligable
BOYS/5 3/K 4216 C-C Tide Not Eligable
BOYS/6 3/K 4218 C-C Raptors Not Eligable
GIRLS/6 3/J 4223 C-C Krush Not Eligable
BOYS/3 3/J2 4531 C-C Coyotes Not Eligable
BOYS/4 4/B 5031 C-C Blaze Not Eligable
BOYS/8 4/B2 5034 C-C Impact Not Eligable
BOYS/8 4/K 5035 C-C Challenge Not Eligable
GIRLS/6 4/A 5038 C-C Strikers Not Eligable
BOYS/4 4/E1 5212 Medfield Lightning Not Eligable
GIRLS/3 3/A 5294 Norfolk Comets Not Eligable
GIRLS/5 3/C 5295 Norfolk Galaxies Not Eligable
GIRLS/5 2/C 5298 Norfolk Shooting Stars Not Eligable
BOYS/5 4/G1 5349 C-C Astros Not Eligable
BOYS/6 4/C 5780 C-C Falcons Not Eligable
BOYS/8 3/G 5782 C-C Express Not Eligable
BOYS/8 3/N 5783 C-C Energy Not Eligable
BOYS/8 4/J 5828 Medfield Strikers Not Eligable
BOYS/5 4/F 5829 Medfield Strikers Not Eligable
GIRLS/8 4/H 5830 Medfield Lightning Not Eligable
GIRLS/3 3/H 5952 C-C magic Not Eligable
GIRLS/8 4/J2 5955 C-C Charge Not Eligable
BOYS/6 2/B 6317 Norfolk Impact Not Eligable
BOYS/6 3/J 6318 Norfolk Dynamo Not Eligable
BOYS/5 3/F 6319 Norfolk United Not Eligable
BOYS/4 3/G 6320 Norfolk Sounders Not Eligable
BOYS/4 4/A 6321 Norfolk Union Not Eligable
BOYS/3 3/E 6323 Norfolk Rapids Not Eligable
GIRLS/3 3/D2 6324 Norfolk Meteors Not Eligable
GIRLS/6 3/D 6325 Norfolk Supernovas Not Eligable