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Records for Wrentham Youth Soccer - By Gender - Age - Division - Section

Below you will find the standings of all teams part of Wrentham Youth Soccer.

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SN # Team Field W-L-T-F PTS GF GA GD Coach Asst Coach
GIRLS-12 2/C 1648 Wreckers
0 Sean Mahoney
GIRLS-12 4/E 2131 Wrevolution
0 Nick Gelsomini Hope Jamison
GIRLS-11 1/AA 3157 Wrabbits
0 Glen Pisani Colette Gable
GIRLS-11 3/B 3160 Wrampage
0 Dyanne Griffin Brian Bernier
GIRLS-11 3/K1 3161 Wraccoons
0 Ben Moore Kip Lewis
GIRLS-10 2/A 652 Wraptors
0 Brian McGowan Catherine McLaughlin
GIRLS-10 2/E 526 Wrainbows
0 Mark Kuzmeskas Rebecca McDermott
GIRLS-9 2/C 707 Wravens
0 Patrick Willson
GIRLS-9 3/C 724 Wreign
0 Michael Williams Bonnie Manning
GIRLS-9 3/K 688 Wrockstars
0 Bryan Aaron
BOYS-11 3/E 3367 Wrally
0 Robert Kelley
BOYS-10 3/N 4162 Wrazors
0 Doug Fifolt

Organizational Members

Title Name Phone Email
President Glen Pisani E-mail
Registrar Frank Reilly (508) 660-3910 E-mail
Registrar Greg Keswick 508-254-0168 E-mail
Referee Assignments Patrick Willson 508-384-6362 E-mail
Field Scheduler JR Gable 774-210-2527 E-mail
Field Scheduler Colette Gable (508) 384-7975 E-mail
Boys Director Brian Bernier (774) 847-9598 E-mail
Girls Director Colette Gable (508) 384-7975 E-mail
Registrar Colette Gable (508) 384-7975 E-mail