BYLAWS 22, 23 & 24 - Post Season Play

22. Eligible Teams

  1. If an organization enters teams in another MTOC-eligible league, then ALL teams of the same sex, regardless of age, from that organization will be ineligible for any BAYS trophies, playoffs or other awards. MTOC-eligible divisions include divisions 1 and 2 in Grade 6, Grade 8, and Grade 10; division 1 in Grade 12; and any other sections as designated prior to the spring season by the competition committee.

23. Playoff Committee

  1. Each spring the President will appoint members to the Playoff Committee, whose obligation it shall be to organize, schedule, and supervise the season-end playoffs designated to select BAYS teams to represent the team at MTOC.

  2. The Chairperson of the Competition Committee will serve as chair of the Playoff Committee, unless the President chooses a different person as chair.

  3. The Playoff Committee will be guided by policies established by the Board of Directors, and may consult the President or other appropriate officers for advice.

24. League Standings and Spring Playoffs

The standing of teams in each section will be determined on points awarded as follows: Win or win by forfeit - 3 points, Tie - 1 point, Loss - no point, Loss by forfeit - minus 1 point. Points are given only for non-crossover games. Games in double 4 team sections between the sections are not crossovers.

Leading teams having the same number of points shall be declared section co-champions.

Divisional playoffs will be arranged by the BAYS playoff committee among MTOC-eligible teams for the week following the last regularly scheduled Spring season game. The divisional playoffs will be used to determine BAYS representative teams to play in the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC).

Playoff and MTOC eligibility shall also depend on the team’s not having a losing Spring season record (i.e. the team must have at least a .500 winning percentage record, where ties count as half a win, half a loss). Crossover games are excluded from this calculation.

Selection and placement of MTOC-eligible section representatives in the division playoffs are as follows:

  1. All section champion teams will be placed.
  2. If all section co-champions can be placed, they will be seeded according to the tiebreaker rules in effect.
  3. If not all co-champions in a section can be placed, they will participate in a section playoff to determine which team(s) will advance.

  4. If a section champion or co-champion is ineligible, the playoff committee may, but need not, select an eligible runner-up in its place, chosen by section standings and then by tiebreaker rules.

  5. In division 1 sections with four or more teams, all outright second place teams will be placed. In sections with less than four teams, second place teams may be placed at the discretion of the competition committee.

  6. Additional runners-up may, but need not, be selected to fill out a playoff bracket, chosen by section standings and then by tiebreaker rules.

Tie breaking will be according to the following hierarchy:

  1. Points in the standings.

  2. Points awarded in head-to-head games.

  3. Most wins.

  4. Fewest goals allowed.

  5. Most shutouts of opponents.

  6. Cumulative goal differential -- each game differential truncated at -3 or +3 goals.

If a playoff game is tied at the end of the second half as signaled by the referee, two 10-minute overtime periods (two 5-minute overtime periods for small sided) will be played to completion. If the game is tied at the end of the second overtime period, the game will be settled by FIFA's method of kicks from the penalty mark. Notwithstanding the above provisions, at the end of regulation time the referee may decide, due to adverse weather or impending darkness, not to play any overtime and to proceed directly to kicks from the penalty mark.

Any team refusing to play in a playoff, or refusing to represent BAYS at MTOC after having qualified as a BAYS MTOC entry, will forfeit its right to the section championship and to all trophies. If BAYS suffers a monetary loss for such default by an MTOC-qualifying team, the team’s town or club organization will be required to make good for the loss.