Mandatory Concussion Awareness Training

BAYS now requires that all coaches complete mandatory concussion training prior to coaching in BAYS. This training can be done in the home on any computer. It will take 20 to 30 minutes to complete and there is no charge to take the course.

At the end of the training session there will be a list of questions you need to answer and when you are done a certificate will pop up. Type in your name and save the pdf file on your computer or you can print it. It is probably wise to do both. Note: once you log out your information will NOT be saved. 

Club registrars are expected to have these certificates in hand before allowing a coach or assistant coach to work with their team, and may not issue a coach’s card or current season BAYS sticker to any coach who has not submitted a copy of the certificate to the club Registrar.  The certificate must be not older than three years prior to the start of the season 

Coaches may submit certificates from either of the following sources:

Further information and downloadable materials (in PDF format) may be found at the CDC’s web page on concussions in youth sports:
“Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports”

The CDC also provides free hard copies of their materials, which may be ordered in bulk at: 
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) – Publications Hard Copy Order Form